The Nata Orphan Trust Being Heroes

 The Nata Orphan Trust continue saving lives in those who are in need. About sixty children in the Nata Village were supplied with  breakfast and lunch while traveling to Maun, a larger village with dozens of shopping places. The children in Nata Village were also able to get 400 pula which is worth 100 dollars, with this money they were able to purchase new clothing for their up coming school year.



Beckon: signal to come by nodding or waving

Probe: investigate or explore by touch;search

Gnarled:rugged and roughened; as from old age or work

Lateral:to the side; sideways

Perellel: in the same direction

Vocabulary 2/25/09

Ajar: partially open

Vault:jump or leap

Tentatively: with uncertainty  or hesitation

Tremor: shacking or vibrating movemen;nervous



Haphazardly: in a random manner

Posterity: future generations

Stipulated:arranged in an agreement

Renunciation: declaration in which something is given up

Impromptu: done on the moment; unplaned


Prodigy:aperson with an exceptional talent

Sidekick:a close friend

Clutch:to grasp and hold tightly

Kindling:pieces  of dry wood

Instinctive: Having natural tendacy

Vocabulary 3/31/09

Ominous: Menacing; threathing

Scalawages: rascals, shameless

Commence: begin; start

Tremor: shaking or vibrating movement

2/05/09 vocabulary

Inadequate: not good enough for what is needed

Blunt: rudely straightforward or honest

Laurel: an evergreen shrub or tree with aromatic leaves

Malaria: a disease  in the blood caused by the bite of a mosquito

Hemlocks: coniferous evergreen trees belonging to the pine family

Curent Article 12/02/08

Doctor say that babies have rythm at a young age. They say that babies have rythm wghen there are inside the womb. They are able to make sound by just taping their foot.